Whiting & Davis / Bulova Collab?

Submitted by Curiouscaseanddial on February 16, 2023 - 4:28am

I apologize this is in the wrong place. I tried to use the 'add a watch' link at the top of the create topic page and it kept giving me an error message. I also tried to post in the research forum but it said I wasn't able to.

I'm trying to find into on this watch I found (photo at the bottom). At first I didn't believe it was the original cuff/case for the Bulova, but in the course of my research it now looks plausible (more on that soon), so I thought I'd ask anyone's opinion here or if they've ever seen one before. I first thought it was a married piece.  I found an example in gold that was sold a while back marked 1950s but with a Norwood movement. Searched other Whiting & Davis watch jewelry and found one with a Waltham. The movement in mine is Her Excellency and on quick look it might be the '51-52 model (have yet to pop it open and check closer) so the 1950s date might actually align? I couldn't find any ads or patent info for W&D so I'm a bit stuck.

Is it possible Bulova movements were used in this clamper bracelet in the 50s?  Thanks in advance if anyone has any info!

Posted February 16, 2023 - 8:11am

Cool as it is, it's a marriage of a Bulova dial and movement and a Whiting/Davis bracelet. Notice that the minutes track on the dial doesn't match the shape of the bezel opening. I suspect these cases were offered as upgraded replacements to house movements from any maker that would fit in order to "save" the movement for the owner of a degraded watch. As I have no info available regarding W&D this is just my opinion. As far as I know, Bulova never was involved in a joint venture with W&D and I know of no other instances of this combination using Bulova movements.

Posted February 16, 2023 - 2:37pm

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That was what made me think it was a marriage initially. I think your opinion sounds very reasonable / plausible. Now to see if I can track down any ads for W&D to get a better idea of when this movement was placed in this band. Thanks so much for your thoughts! Much appreciated.