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1926 bernice crystal

Hi All, can any one give the reference number for a replacment oval crystal for a 1926 Bernice

Posted March 15, 2018 - 1:22pm

When you get it let me know.  I have a large collection of NOS crystals with many Bulova models.  In absence of reference number you can give me dimensions if you have them.  If I have it or something close I will send you for free to see if it fits.  


Posted March 15, 2018 - 2:10pm

I have  the number O365 ( that's O not zero ) from the 1937 catalog and it shows the dimensions of    20.1mm  X 12.3mm .

I have not been able to cross that over to any of the glass crystal catalogs  YET! so there is hope.

The easiest way would be if I had the case to fit it to.

Hope that helps in some way. 

Posted March 20, 2018 - 10:20pm

I checked but this is not one i have.  Sorry.

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Reverend Rob
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Posted March 20, 2018 - 10:39pm

You can check with GS crystals, they still have many of the old styles. The catalogue is available on their site:

You pick the style in the index, then go to that page and find the correct dimensions. They will still do custom crystals also, but it ain't cheap.