1970 chronograph C "stars and stripes"

i just got this watch,  was running  but guy i bought it from had unscrewed the glass, removed the bezel, in order to take a picture of the movement.  now it won't run.   also,   having difficulty putting bezel back in.   from what i understand,  you have to remember exactly the angle of the "split" on the winder and then push the bezel in?   


has any one had a similiar experience?  did i miss something simple about putting it back to gether?

Posted April 11, 2013 - 4:45am

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Original band as well!

Do you mean the crown and movement? You'll have to take the front bezel off first and half remove the movement. I could go on, with my method, but I'll let the experts have a go first.

I'm sure they can advise you of the best way to get it back in there.

Good luck and congrats on a great buy.

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Posted April 11, 2013 - 6:50am

The crown part of the stem looks long enough for you to take out the movement, slide the stems together then use the crown to turn the stem until the split aims upwards, so that when the movement is laying flat, the crown and half stem can slide out in an upwards direction.
Now that the stem/crown are seperated from the movement, push the stem/crown into the case, all the way in, and rotate until the point of the stem is aiming up, now replace the movement, making sure the stem halves slide over each other.
If this does not work, try gently pushing the sem/crown into its sleeve, rotate it until you feel the stem go in a tiny bit, that means the stem halves are ina "mating" position. You now need to apply more pressure until the crown clicks all the way in.

Posted April 11, 2013 - 10:06am

oops.    you're right, i meant crown instead of bezel.    is there anywhere to buy a replacement glass face?

so one way is to actually put movement back in, then push crown in until it "clicks",,,so in essence,  the split part of the stem coming from the movement is designed to spread open and then snap back shut?

i think i will try the less forcefulmethod first.


other question:  when my stem and crown are together, i push it in and you can hear a sort of click, like a normal old watch, this is generally where you would wind it up, then you pull it out until it clicks and you can set the watch i guess via the minute hand.  on mine,   it feels like it is totally wound up but yet it won't run,


any ideas?  and yes i have already thought of replacing the battery!  (my wife's advice)

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Reverend Rob
Posted April 11, 2013 - 7:36pm

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Replacement crystals are available, you would have to get it matched with a Bombe mineral crystal if memory serves. 

The movt gets put into place, and when you look into the tube, you can see the split stem clearly. You then screw down the bezel and then take the female section of the stem with the crown on it, and put it into the tube, and rotate it til you feel it slip over the notch of the male end. Then press it in, and it will click into place. 

If the watch isn't running there could be any number of reasons why not. Being 'overwound' is not one of them because there is no such thing. The guy who removed the movt could have damaged it, or maybe the thing needs an overhaul badly. There are 101 reasons why a watch won't run.

101. Really. It is in the book "Practical Watch Repairing" by Donald de Carle. 

Posted April 12, 2013 - 11:52am

That is an incredibly annoying two-part stem. I always try to have a one piece stem handy so that i can test the movement while servicing. Usually If you line it up right and push a little you can manage to snap it on, but because i cant see the condition of the stem i would not recomend that because just a little corrosion can mean that trying to snap it on will end in a broken stem.

All that said I would send it to get serviced. Generally a watchmaker can either use a stock crystal to fit or more properly have a crystal cut to the case. With a piece like that you are looking at a relatively high repair bill, but it is more than worth it. 

Feeling totally wound up but not running is better than it just winding and winding (i.e. broken mainspring) but as the reverend noted there are at least 101 reasons that this could happen. Old oil, dirt, hair, bad gear, bad balance, etc. You need someone to take a look. 

PM me if you want some info on getting it restored. (or if you want to sell it)