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Accuquartz movement

Recently bought a 1973 Accuquartz, but should have studied the photo of the movement more closely as although the blurb described it as  having an Accuquartz movement  it is in fact a Schild AS 536 121 quartz movement (which I understand might be a quality item?). I can only imagine that this was an aftermarket replacement as  the the tuningfork/quartz 'hummer' continued to be fitted into Accuquartz into the late 70's. Having said that I am otherwise pleased with watch as it is in really good cosmetic  condition and keeps time well . There is another Accuquartz on myBulova which shows a similar quartz movement but no comment has been made made about it but wonder if any one has any more information than I already believe . 

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Reverend Rob
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Posted June 12, 2018 - 10:44am

That would have been an aftermarket replacement.

As far as I know, the most recent quartz replacement movt for Accutron or possibly AccuQuartz was the ISA 1198, which had the stem at 4.

This is now long extinct, as is the AS 536.121, which was replaced by an ETA equivalent that is also extinct. There is no direct replacement quartz movt for either Accutron or AccuQuartz. There was talk a year or two ago about bringing back the original Accutron, but that doesn't seem to be happening. One of the tweaks that would be required would be for the new version to run on a standard battery as the original had a lower voltage.