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Genuine Accutron Astronaut 214 RED 24 Hour Hands !

You may have seen others state in one watch forum or another that the Accutron Astronaut 214 never came from the factory with a RED 24 hour hand but just know that comes from someone that just lacks enough first-hand Accutron 214 experience, I myself have worked on more than one Accutron Astronaut 214 that had the factory RED 24 Hour hand and had traceable history back to the factory and so have other known and highly experienced Accutron 214 repairmen such as Bob Piker at not to mention there is plenty of photographic evidence out there showing many examples of Accutron Astronaut 214's with the factory RED 24 hour hands,    Here is but a Few...     Here is a up close look at a Genuine Factory Bulova Accutron Astronaut 214 "RED" 24 Hour Hand ! In the first two photos you can clearly see the "grain" of the sheet metal that the hands are stamped from, And all sheet metal has a "grain" as anyone who has worked with sheet metal will tell you, One of the very first things you learn when working with sheet metal is always bent against the grain and NOT with it or often the sheet metal will crack at the bend if the bend is sharp enough !