Need help with infor for 2 Old Bulova Watches I found.

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Hi! I have found 2 Bulova watches in my grandmothers jewelry box after she passed away and I am looking for some help with finding out what year they were made in. Also possibly how much they are worth if anything. (Pic #1)One is a sliver watch with band that says 10K Rolled Gold Plate with what looks to be a LO or LQ below it. The numbers are 647460. (pic #2) The other one is just the watch face itself with no band and gold in color. It says 10K Rolled Gold Plate and the serial is AC19161, altho the numbers are very close to the bottom so I could be off on a few. I hope I can find out some information with your help. Thank you advance! I am excited with my find!

Posted March 15, 2013 - 7:27pm

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Hi Ladybug22, please consider adding your watches to the database via "Add a watch". This way the panel will review your watches providing you with the year of manufacture and name. We are unable to provide evaluations on watchs as there are simply too many factures to consider with these older ones.

Also taking some nice photos of the front, back and if possible the inside movement will further help us provide you with the information you seek.