silicone watch oils

hi does anybody know anything about the pure silicone watch oil it is in 3 grades 10,50 and 100 centistokes iys sold at and how would it compare to other brands for watch lubrication?

Posted May 5, 2013 - 6:46pm

I can't comment as to their quality, but it looks like they are generic movement oils. Depending on what kind of movement you are working on, I would suggest the standard Moebius 9010, 9020, PML and  D5 (and some 8212 or 8213 if you plan on doing mainsprings.) They are more expensive, but you know what you are getting, and you know you are getting the right oils for the right jobs.

The 3 grades and their descriptions seem way too broad to be able to perform the various functions that lubrication serves.

That however is just my opinion. I would be curious to see some other people's thoughts. Hope this helps! 


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Posted October 27, 2014 - 9:11pm

Nye oil is another option, they still make the PML oil that was developed by Hamilton. You will usually see silicone used as a grease for case backs ans any where you have gaskets. I use Seiko silicone grease, great stuff and won't break the bank. I also use vintage oils, all of the synthetic, like Elgin 56a-56b and Hamilton PML 92-78. For grease on the movement I use Molykote DX.