AT 30 dollars a pop..a bergeon screwdriver not worth it!!

hello people i bought a bergeon replacement driver because i broke one of my french made ones.the ones i have are becotechnic drivers and for about 70 dollars all and all they seem to last pretty good...the only reason the one broke is because i ran over it with my desk i bought a bergeon...the end is rounded instead of hexagon like the Beco,so it some times rolls right off the desk...the blade came bent..although that might have been the sellers fault(Elliseniger,who also sent me a broke capped one dip bottle)the weight  and construction isn't any better either.I was impressed at all....Sorry for this rant but anyone new or wanting to buy another set might want to look somewhere else and not buy just a name...Cause a thirty dollars a pop..for the price of two you can get same quailty drivers two replacement blades for 6 of the divers that come with the set...

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Posted November 21, 2011 - 1:35pm

yup thats the truth

Posted November 21, 2011 - 6:19pm

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Posted November 22, 2011 - 4:57pm

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I use Bergeon screwdrivers and Dumont twezzers.  I love the Bergeon screwdrivers so much I am considering investing in a set of the new ergonomic screwdrivers.  And yes,  they do sometimes try and escape :-).   Tip of the day: learn to sharpen your screwdrivers.  If you can't do it freehand try out the Bergeon screwdriver sharpening tool.