c1930? Enamel case w 1927 Pat Date caseback 10AN 21J 6Adj no date symbol

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Movement: 10AN 21J   6 adjustments, w/o date code/symbol or SN

Inside Case Back: Bulova Quality  Pat. Jan 11 1927  SN  1127945

Outside Case Back:   Open

I'll go look around the ad's to see if I can fine this or similar model.  Case is crisp!

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William Smith
Posted December 11, 2011 - 5:46pm

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Gladiator   No 

Webester  No

and I can't find too similar in watches or ads from 1928 thru 1935.  No  help from looking in Engle, Gilbert, Shugart....

O well...at least this time I tried :)

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Posted December 11, 2011 - 6:09pm

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I have one of these as well and have never been able to come up with an identification. I just love the way the enamelling pops out in a photograph.