1958 Clipper "variant"

Here we go again guys, this time a little older of a watch.  ( if this seems short, then I apologize, I have written this three times, losing it every time I closed the browser by accident from other threads) 

1958 Clipper, unsure which variant it is. I think that it is a Yankee Clipper, could be a sun clipper though.

^ This shows the wave that goes around the case ^ 

My watch has gold Radium Dauphine hour/sec hands, with Fils Second hand. Movement is 11ACAC 17J Auto.

This thread www.mybulova.com/watches/1959-clipper-2015 here discusses a very similar watch. Just without movement, and my hands are different. That thread shows up if you search the watch database for Clipper, and this is a '1959 Clipper' in the eyes of the database. It was agreed that the watch was a Yankee. Which makes me want to say that I have one as well. I also notice that the watch will not run on its own, without a little help in the means of turning the crown backwards just a quick short turn when I am setting the time. It will run for a few seconds then stop. It the second hand seems to get stuck on the minute hand when it passes over it, so perhaps the hands have been replaced but never adjusted correctly for spacing.

Anyway, onto pictures and discussio:

^^ Yes the crystal is broken, it came like this ^^ 


^^ Not the greatest photo but it is 11ACAC ^^ 


^^ Inside of case back, all it says is BULOVA, 14K RGP Bezel, stainless back, NEW YORK ^^ 

^^ The 'wave'. Time has not been kind to this watch. :'( ^^

The lugs appear as if someone took pliers to the upper lugs and applied some force, for what I do not know. This watch will sit on the back burner for now, I will try to find some new crystal for it, and perhaps this spring I will bring it in for servicing. It stands out in my collection with the waved case, but it is not too high on my priority list. This will be taking a back seat to my other love Raketa watches :D


So gents, Yankee? Sun? or something else. . .


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The  Ad for the Sun Clipper clearly shows a different watch so it's not a Sun Clipper. It does have the Clipper look so a little more time for finding just the right one is required. Nice clean watch worthy of some work. BTW, what is the date code?

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I've got my ad in hand that looks like your watch with the exception of the wave bezel, but that detail might not show up well as the ad is a drawn ad not a photograph.

The ad is a 1960 "Royal Clipper" ...

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Bourg - Date code is L8. The ad is a different watch, you are correct. I was merely stating that the case wave pattern is similar.

Simple - Thank you, could you post up the ad, or is it in the db? I think that it is a Yankee clipper since the thread that I linked shows a very very similar watch.

I do not think that it is a Sun Clipper, it could be a simple case of having a case swap done at some point of a Yankee being put into a sun clipper case.

This is the ad that led to the decision of it being a Yankee for that watch in that particular thread.

And here is the watch from that thread:

The only difference between that watch and mine is the hands, which the ad shows the hands that I have. That is why I say that it is a Yankee Clipper.

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Based on the 1960 ad posted above, I vote for Yankee Clipper.