1966 10K Bulova

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 Here is a picture of my favorite Bulova watch (that I wear). I wore this occasionally until the band started to go last year. It runs fine and looks even finer.

I have looked here and there but haven't come up with an ID for this one yet. Also, I haven't taken it apart enough to see the movement details since it seemed attached to everything else when I popped it open. I think I noticed a tiny screw, but I'll find the directions 1st.

Any ideas which model?

Back case says: 10K Rolled Gold Plate, Bulova, M6 #I988193


Sorry 'bout the hands blocking some view. I'll redo these. (live and learn)

1966 10K rolled gold

Bulova open

Posted January 28, 2012 - 10:38pm

This might be a "Senator" model, but I don't beleive we have any ads to confirm it, only crystal spec's.

You have it opened up this far, all you have to do is grab the edge of dial, and gently work it out of the caseback, use the crown for help, but don't force it out. It is probably a 17J 11AL movement, and should have a M5 or M6 date code stamped on it also.


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Posted January 30, 2012 - 12:45pm

 Thanks OldTicker... I opened the watch again and had to laugh when the movement fell open.

and inside the back...

66 Bulova


Thanks for your help.

This watch I lucked out; while helping my mother's friend move I scoured their dumpster. There were a lot of things in the garbage, that didn't seem garbage. "One man's trash..." Amongst them.. a gold watch? Anyway, I showed the guy what I was taking and he told me, The watch was a company reward for reaching a sales goal.

Oddly enough, my enthusiasm for the watch was noted and 6-months later he asked me: How's the watch running? Then over a year later; How's that old Bulova? - Maybe he regrets throwing it away.

"...is another man's treasure." It's mine now and I love wearing it occasionally. The band original or not is bent up and unreliable. It came apart when last worn and I nearly lost it as it slipped into the sleeve of my shirt.

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William Smith
Posted January 30, 2012 - 4:52pm

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I know I don't see this "calibre naming convention" hold true all the time, as I've seen several mvnt w/ sweep second hands on mvnts w/o three letters in the name. Although D for "date only" holds true in the watch posted here.   I'm curious based on Greg's 10AL educated guess and the actual 10ALD mvnt.   Is this a "rule" or a "guideline"?  Post from another discussion board Roland Rantff:

Bulova had a pretty straight designaton systen:
a number representing the rounded down width in lignes,
first letter: distinguishs between calibres of same size used in parallel,
second letter: generation of a particular calibre,
further letters:
A: automatic
B: day/date
C: sweep second
D: date only
L: no second (often used for blind men watches)