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Lets discuss the pros and cons of site moderators.  Until the time that new site "ownership" is determined, a moderator or group of moderators could help with some of the "mechanics" of site administration, among other things.  This could free up current admin from some of the nuts and bolts stuff he has passionately been taking upon himself to date.  I believe his effectiveness to do some of these things has been compromised by recent comments and misunderstandings. - not by his lack of ability, nor any decision he has made (or not made). but by how these events to date may be perceived. 

As it stands now, if admin were to view a flagged post, for what ever reason it may be flagged, his ability to make a decision AND take some action on how to address the flagged post is compromised by a possible "conflict of interest"- whether real or only perceived.

I feel it is perception, but either way it exists.

Perhaps a moderator or group of moderators would be appropriate.  There are both benefits and drawbacks to moderation.

What are all site members thoughts on this possibility?

Jim Townsend
Posted February 19, 2012 - 5:22pm

Sounds like an idea to me Will would you be willing to fill one or the post because i would vote for you as you  are even tempered and not a show boat unlike others that will remain nameless but who we all know. If more than one is needed i am sure there are others who would gladly help out. If it comes to this i feel that a voting system would be in order so that the members could all vote for their choice. It really is a shame that this has gotton so ugly. I did say that i was not going to post anything anymore on this site but i like your idea and felt that i had to speak up.


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Posted February 20, 2012 - 1:00am

There's a lot that happens on this website what with the watch db, movement db, advertisement db and forums. It seems to me that most forums that I've frequented have had moderators to handle specific areas and lighten the load on the administrator so to me it is a no brainer. As far as who chooses the Mod Squad, if one is created, I think it should be up the the Admin to decide whether he will choose or whether he will put it up to a vote.

I don't know Stephen but I hope he does not decide to give up his website because of some of the "shenanigans" going on around here.


Posted February 20, 2012 - 1:02am

It doesn't surprise me what is happening. It's not Stephen that is the problem...its some of the members. This site has a lot of potential as a good place to learn about about and research Bulova watches. The attitude of some "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" and frankly, some babies, are the issues. I would only like to say that you have been  great Stephen and I admire what you created here with this site. My hat's off to you Mate! We have some good members...many whom are only interested in gaining knowledge and experience and enjoying collecting. But certain members intimidate them, are rude, and chase them away. If certain members applied their knowledge and skills in a positive way, and were mentors, this site could actually achieve something good. Having any panel system that creates fighting over watch identification is in my view a useless endeavor. There are virually thousands of Bulova watch cases and models unidentified (just look through the 1974 Case Parts Book to get an idea...many watch cases and movements I've never heard of or seen!) and the lack of ads is a problem - Bulova certainly couldn't advertise every watch model ans option! If someone posts a watch with a model name from their research, let ANY member "second that emotion" and if a watch post achieves five stars (five other members agreeing with the owners identification) then let other members decide whether they agree with that five star  ID and decide what they want to call their watch. Is the sole purpose on the site just to give a watch a name and identify a model from an ad?? Forget the panel or site moderator idea. I've seen other sites go down over the eliteness of some of their members running off good people trying to get into it! The same thing is happening here. I don't know....it just seems the site could be a tool of good without the bickering. Members should be helping other members , sharing with other members, educating new members, etc. I think Site's "Purpose" needs to be re-thought-out here for anyone who is going to take it over. Sorry to lose Stephen...but I don't blame him. Who would need or want all the work only to take all the crap!

Posted February 20, 2012 - 10:03pm

Great site, glad I found it. Mods would be a good idea, I just want to thank all for all this hard work. Been collecting bulova's since 2003.

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Posted February 21, 2012 - 7:24am

Yes, great idea Will!

Pro Moderator.

Jerins' recent actions in Stephens' absense are an excellent example of the need and being He already has the ability would be a prime candidate for the position.


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William Smith
Posted February 21, 2012 - 6:11pm

Club 5000Panel Member

I agree!