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Just an update on the 'Westover' Crystal

As posted on the watch in the database, if in fact it is a westover (has anyone got an add yet please?) 


Ok people. My friend 57vert and I have been trying to get to the bottom of the "Westover" crystal saga after, as in previous messages here, I found the G-S crystal that was noted by other members was incorrect and would not fit. So here is the full information we have found, hope it is helpful to some. Thanks again to Charles for taking the watch and spending hours searching to get this info.


So after EXTENSIVE research, here is the info for the Westover (or the model named as such on here).

First:  There is NO GS crystal that will fit. We did not rely on the catalogs, Charles went trying crystal by crystal in the entire size range, AND THERE IS NO CRYSTAL.

Second: The BB MX2129 (186) definitely fits.  Here's the weird thing, the crystal number usually indicates the size in mm.  So, this crystal should be 21.29 X 18.6mm, but it isn't! ..........It  actually measures 21.0 x 18.6mm.  I think maybe this is where people get the GS CMX324-2 fits (21.2 X 18.7mm,) even though it has rounded corners and the watch doesn't. They possibly find the BB crystal fits, see the GS matches the dimensions, and just  think it's  a match, not realizing the size discrepancy because they didn't actually measure the BB crystal!

Third:  The WC P12MA210 (186) definitely fits, 21.0X18.6mm

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Posted June 12, 2012 - 7:11am

Thanks Gary.

Scott has the 'WESTOVER' glass as:

WESTOVER:       CMX324-2      RMS124-21     CMX2129 186     HMC211/5

* Model identification for the 'WESTOVER' currently comes from a N.O.S. with hang tag for which there was an image, the image has since disappeared from the database.


Posted June 12, 2012 - 8:06am

Scott had the Westover as that.  He has since sold his business and no longer deals in crystals.  We were never told where Scott got his information, but we do know that he sometimes obtained model IDs from eBay sellers and then matched the ID to crystal specs.  What GVP did, by actually trying the crystal to the watch, provides far more reliable information.

The hang tag showing the Westover ID is alive and well can be viewed in this thread:

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Posted June 12, 2012 - 3:14pm

Just a note on BB part #'s.

The first 3 #'s are the size in mm. MX2129 is 21.2mm. Also, I've found that the part #'s can be as much as .2mm different than when measured with a digital caliper. The fourth and sometimes fifth #'s indicate the order that they should be stocked in the cabinet.

Scott probably got his cross reference info from the same place that I do, the 1955 SUC Cross Reference Chart or one similar. For the most part it is accurate, although I have found some discrepancies.

It references SUC, GS, BB & Perfit.