Looking for gold "expansible" clasp for yellow gold watch band for my Bulova

Submitted by Larry Boerio on November 25, 2023 - 6:56pm
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Note: clasp

I am looking for the "Expansible Bracelet Clasp" for my 1943/44 Bulova Minute Man watch.

The clasp is/was used on a "basket weave" yellow gold mesh band. I have included 3 pictures for the clasp along with the patent for it.

Somehow the "pawl element" (#46) which includes the integral "finger operated member" (#56) and it's "curled" end (#48) managed to loosen and fall free. It's all one piece.

Year codes

Submitted by J.Stephenson on October 13, 2023 - 11:40pm

I have two Bulova Acutrons day/date up/down watches. Both have M9 date codes on the case back, yet both movements are date-coded N0. Is there any info on why this may have happened, or is this a common occurrence for early-made N0 movements? Or is this a weird coincidence?