Bulova 1922 6716

Submitted by offrdmania on May 10, 2013 - 8:00pm
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6716-S, with 18K gold case. Lacking its original band

Bulova watch
1922 Bulova watch
1922 Bulova watch
1922 Bulova watch
1922 Bulova watch
Posted May 11, 2013 - 12:37pm

a production Date of 1922 would be the best estimate at this time.

Posted May 11, 2013 - 12:57pm

The end pieces could be part of the case.

The assumption that thy are part of the band could be wrong, as this ad shows the 5716-S has jewels in the end pieces, and are set in the case, as the ad states this.


this ad gives a clearer picture of the two versions, and the lugs can just be seen under the corners of the end pieces of the "S" version. Also in this ad can be seen the 6714 and the 6714-S, and the end pieces on the"S"  look to be part of the case, and not the band.




  1922 ad for the Lady Maxim:


1923 ad for the L M:

The second ad linked has a model looking just like the subject watch, same gold and jewels content.


Posted May 11, 2013 - 3:02pm

The 'LADY MAXIM' ad referenced shows a finished center section to the Dial and the same 'end pieces' which have been proposed as being a part of the Case. 

How can it therefore match the subject?

In the 1922 Bulova ad the 976-S and the 6714-S show the same strap enhancements.

Posted May 12, 2013 - 5:49am

That is your impression of the watches in the 1922 ad, but that does not make it a fact, as you so clearly state it to be. Please provide proof, surely you must have some as you seem so sure.

What end pieces where? The watch in the linked 1923 LM ad has no end pieces, nor does the one in the 1922 LM ad.

The end pieces differ for each watch in the 1922 Bulova ad, the ones on the 6716-S look to be pierced, the 6714-S do not, and they are shaped differently.

Posted May 11, 2013 - 8:22pm

It is my educated opinion that the band was embellished with the end pieces and not the case.

6716-S for me with a non original band. Other members can certainly feel free to offer their opinion on the piece.

If we had factual information about every watch we saw here we would hardly need a forum or panel to ID a watch. It's part of the process.

Posted May 11, 2013 - 8:57pm

I assume that no one has ever seen an original band in person?

Posted May 11, 2013 - 9:55pm

6716-S for me as well. Non conforming band.

Posted May 12, 2013 - 1:57pm

In reply to by JP

This watch appears to have wire lugs with the band wraps around. Perhaps a later 20's replacement as the ribbon bands didn't last very long. I've had a few but none were saveable, just the clasps which I still have somewhere. I'm in for 6716-s iven the ads presented.

Posted May 12, 2013 - 2:48pm

Just wondering how they can be band end pieces on a one-piece silk band.