Bulova 1925 Ramona

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Hi all I hope you can help me identify this lovely ladies watch. It has a hinged case which is marked on the inside :- Bulova quality. Filled. 1626349. The movement is a 16 jewel 2 adjusted 6N. and has the circle mark and the serial number 57562. The watch has a sapphire crown, and the catch on the bracelet 

has the same engraving on it as does the back of the watch case.

I bought the watch as a non runner. it wont wind as someone has tinkered with it and broken the screw in the click. I don't know whether it would be possible to repair this, apart from that the balance wheel seems to be ok all it may require apart from the click screw is a service. It would be nice to be able to get this little watch working again.

regards to all



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1925 Bulova watch
1925 Bulova watch
1925 Bulova watch
1925 Bulova watch
1925 Bulova watch
Richard Callamaras
Posted July 16, 2015 - 1:05pm

The 6965 and the Eileen are a closer case size match. They are both 18kt versions with jewels. Probably the reason for the wider bezel. But Bulova often made many versions of similar case designs to accommodate any budget. That was there entire business plan. Along with interchangeable Parts etc.... We have to remember that watches were purchased very differently back then. Often times you would go to your jeweler our watchmaker and you would select your case, movement, dial and bracelet from similar shapes and designs. This is why Bulova was so popular. They made it very easy to make "your own" watch affordably. This is why we see so many mix matches from these early watches. I would be cautious making assumptions with this brand. We undoubtedly will find this watch some day. And it could be a romana. But it would not be uncommon for it to turn out to not be. Like you references with the later ads provided by Will. I like to only label something if we have a definite match with case dial and movement. Otherwise we are assuming and a lot of people rely on these identifications because of our reliable and tested conclusions. Just my two cents which are currently valued at a wheat penny :-)

Richard Callamaras
Posted July 16, 2015 - 3:36pm

I think we need to be careful identifying it without a case, movement, dial and ad match. As stated they change names quite frequently and there are several better case matches. I think this is unknown. The romona is clearly not the same case although the same shape. But there are a great many shapes with different names. If we start doing this we will go down a slippery slope. A lot of people rely on this site to represent only fully vetted and confirmed identifications. Thanks for listening. That's my two cents, which are currently valued at a wheat penny :-)

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted July 16, 2015 - 5:54pm

Club 5000Panel Member

The above comments are a few of the reasons that I gave only two ticks for a "tentative" ID for this watch as Ramona.  I vote the same "tentative" on several others watches which IMO are id'ed at the "tentative" level. When theres some evidence that it may be such and such a model, but no exact ad match, that is often "tentative" IMO.  One could argue subject watch is one-tick "not confirmed" if there were no close ad match, but there is an ad which is close, so I voted a tentative ID.  

It looks like four panel members have voted on the ID as Ramona.  
It also looks like I'm the only one who voted two ticks for" tentative", and the other three panel members give three ticks for "confirmed".  
While each panel member can assign one, two or three ticks for ID, the overall "tick score" displays an average of all votes.  

If four panel members voted on this watch, and two of the panel gave one tick (not confirmed), and the other two gave three ticks (confirmed), the display would average these scores and display an overall "two ticks tentative" ID score.

I usually give three ticks to an ID only when there is good evidence to warrant "Confirmed" (matching ad within a few years of production date).

If a panel member does not agree with the ID as published, a one tick vote of "not confirmed" would be the "vote" which indicates their disagreement.  If a panel member does not agree with ID and  does not vote, there is no indication of their disagreement in the displayed ticks. 

Richard Callamaras
Posted July 17, 2015 - 1:20am

Hey guys I found an exact case match for a Corinthia. But the dial has an oval inner design instead of the squared off like we have here. It's in am ad from the NAWCC.

Richard Callamaras
Posted July 17, 2015 - 1:29am

Sorry Alex just saw the thread from last page with the same watch and the lenore.