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Bulova 1927 President Madison

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American Standard Bulova



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We received this unfortunate Bulova recently and it's hairspring is badly bent, we will see what the result is after we straighten it, or if we have to replace it. I may have mentioned this elsewhere, but  under no circumstances should anyone who has not had training try and straighten a hairspring or touch a hairspring. They are easily destroyed, and once straightened do not behave as well as a pristine or new hairspring. Fitting a new one is not as simple as it sounds, the spring must be properly pinned at the collet, with the correct number of coils, cut to length and the balance vibrated to the frequency. Then the balance must be re-set for beat error and in these old watches this is not a simple thing either, as the stud carriers are usually non-movable. All in all, a time consuming and costly repair, even if you can get one already pinned as a spare and authentic Bulova part, sometimes they are not cut. 

Ok, rant over......

Patent date stamped 1927 with a square on the movt. The 8AN is the forerunner of the 9AN, although the 10AN was a different calibre ebauche, all by FHF. 

I'm thinking President Madison, although I see the one in our db is the 9AN.



Not For Sale
1927 President Madison Bulova watch
1927 Bulova watch
1927 Bulova watch
Reverend Rob's picture
Reverend Rob
Panel Member
Posted December 4, 2015 - 12:03pm

For those interested in such things, $60  in 1927 is $820 in today's money!

Panel Member
Posted December 4, 2015 - 9:57pm

A very nice President Madison!

Club 5000Panel Member
Posted December 5, 2015 - 1:49am

1927 President Madison all the way, Looks to be in very good nick. Good luck with the hair spring.

Geoff Baker
Club 5000Panel Member
Posted December 5, 2015 - 6:42am

Sheesh Rob, I think I'm more concerned with YOUR hairspring than that of this beauty, HA HA!

President Madison. For those interested in US History, James Madison served as the fourth President of the United States and is known as the Father of the US Constitution and principle author of the Bill of Rights. What I find curious is that Bulova named this one seemingly after a real person, I wonder what the Bulova's loved so much about President Madison.

Andersok's picture
Panel Member
Posted December 5, 2015 - 10:29am

Agree, nice President Madison!

Reverend Rob's picture
Reverend Rob
Panel Member
Posted December 5, 2015 - 10:55am

Sorry, guys!

It was a week of badly mangled HS -yet-otherwise-pristine watches, it's just a shame. Here's the edited version:

"Don't touch the hairsprings in your watch, your watchmaker is your friend."



Not sure why the special President Madison model, but they obviously also liked his wife, Dolly Madison.

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Club 5000Panel Member
Posted December 8, 2015 - 1:37am

President Madison from me.  

old fred
Posted January 28, 2016 - 4:41pm

Gentlemen, pardon the intrusion but I would like to ask a question about this model. Should it have a dust cover visable when the case back is lifted? I am looking at one to buy that does not. Any help would be appreciated.

Geoff Baker
Club 5000Panel Member
Posted January 30, 2016 - 5:17pm

Hello Fred, this watch came with two different case back types. My President Madison which has a hinged opening back does have a Bulova patented dust cover. This type of case, in which the movement is fitted into the case back will most likely not have room for a dust cover and because of the type of case probably not need one. By the way my watch indicates a 1926 manufacture date, this one  is 1927.

old fred
Posted February 1, 2016 - 6:52pm

Thanks Geoff, the one I have been looking at has the hinged case back, but no dust cover. I figured there should be one, but am not real familiar with models from the 20's. Would this be something that could be fixed ?