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Bulova 1928 Lady Lindy

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Cresent Moon

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From a 1928 ad in the database, I believe this one is the "DEAUVILLE".

Found just as shown with NO CASE BACK.

All of the 6AF cases I have are hinged. This one takes a snap-on back. 

Since these movements fit perfectly inside the case, I am guessing that a snap-on caseback from most any 6F BULOVA will fit. Does anybody have one?

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Bulova watch
1928 Bulova watch
1928 Bulova watch
1928 Bulova watch
1928 Bulova watch
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Posted August 21, 2015 - 5:28am

According to Wikipedia, Amelia "Lady Lindy" Earhart was the first lady to cross the Atlantic (although she did not fly the plane, a Fokker, herself) leaving New Foundland on June 17th and arriving in Wales on June 18th 1928. The name Lady Lindy was filled on June 1st 1928, so clearly Bulova was preparing themselves to cash in on this marketing opportunity as they did with the Lone Eagle. They most likely took an existing watch (Deauville) and renamed it to "Lady Linda" after the successful flight.

To my knowledge we have only two ads on this site showing this watch: one of 25 August 1928 with the "Lady Lindy" name, so that fits the timing of the flight and the trademark filing. And one showing the name "Deauville", but that ad is dated just with "1928". So likely from 1st half of 1928. And no ads from Deauville of 1927, nor Lady Lindy from 1929. So the watch was possibly only sold in 1928, with a name change during the year. We could determine if this watch is from early 1928 or late 1928 by the serial number of the movement (see my forum topic on movement serials), but...................

It is a 6F. And the 6F was replaced by the 6AF from 1926 onwards. Hence, it is a replacement. The date code is most likely not a "crescent moon" but a circle, and if you ask me, I clearly see a circle as date code, albeit badly stamped leaving part of the circle open, and not a crescent moon. So, the serial number can't give us a clue either if the watch is early 1928 (deauville) or late 1928 (lady lindy). But let's pay tribute to Amelia, and keep the name "Lady Lindy".

Club 5000Panel Member
Posted March 11, 2018 - 9:22pm

Western Union Cablegram from Amelia Earhart to Bulova which reads:

"Here we are happy to be across and happy to be home soon
A Bulova wrist watch certainly stands the test it is durable
beautiful and keeps accurate time, cordially Amelia Earhart"

1928 Bulova Lady Lindy - Amelia Earhart - Western Union Cablegram

Posted March 11, 2018 - 11:20pm

I have several adverts from my newspaper subscription that I thought might be of interest and/or reference for the "Lady Lindy"...

July 20, 1928 - A stand-alone ad in Pennsylvania


Four separate publications of this ad by newspapers between Nov 1928 - Feb 1930. This appeared along side other Bulova offerings within one ad. 

I add this simply as something of interest which appeared in a Burlington, Vermont, paper on Aug 31, 1928. I've cropped this to exclude unrelated commentary. Placing this in context, Earhart had participted in the Transatlantic flight in June 1928.

Posted March 11, 2018 - 11:38pm

This ad appeared in a Salt Lake City, Utah, newspaper on Dec 8, 1935. This same image and description, appearing with other Bulova watches in a single ad, ran in 4 other papers in the US in Dec 1935. I found no other ads between the aforementioned ads and this one, nor did I find any further mention of the "Lady Lindy" in ads post Dec 1935 (doesn't exclude the possibility I could've missed something!).

Interesting is that this example appears to be an entirely different design.