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Bulova 1929 -Unknown

Model ID rating explained.

Manufacture Year: 


Movement Symbol: 


Movement Model: 


Movement Jewels: 


Movement Serial No.: 


Case Serial No.: 


Case shape: 


Case Manufacturer: 


Crystal Details: 

domed crystal 19.6mm, 20.7mm up/down



Additional Information

Hinged 14K white gold case measuring 26.5mm side to side without crown, 29.2mm with crown, 26.5mm up/down, crown is 5.9mm diameter, case 7mm thick, lugs 20mm, lug to lug 32.5mm; the case has a 1.4mm vertical ridge along the left and right sides of the domed crystal extending down the lugs; the case surface above and below the crystal is smooth and tapers over to the bottom of the case. A letter “F” is stamped on the lower side of the case between the lugs. There is etching on the left and right sides of the case.

"SWISS" appears at the bottom of the dial concealed beneath the exterior case.

The crown appears to be a replacement as it shows little wear or aging (unexperienced speculation).

The interior of the case lid is marked “PAT. JAN 11 1927 (above) BULOVA (above) 14K (above) GOLD FILLED (above) NEW YORK (above) 9143304” and various watchmaker markings.

Very difficult to read with a 10X loupe, but on the edge of the movement is stamped, "SWISS FIFTEEN 15 JEWELS FOUR 4ADJ."

Manufacture year stated above based on rounded Shield date code symbol and movement 10AN (1925-1937 years of manufacture shown on this site).

Just of interest...  I can wind the movement and the watch will run; however, while I can pull out the crown, it will not "lock" in position to move the hands clockwise or counter clockwise. 


Not For Sale
1929 Bulova Square Dial Manual Watch
1929 Bulova watch
1929 Bulova watch
1929 Bulova watch
1929 Bulova watch
Reverend Rob's picture
Reverend Rob
Panel Member
Posted November 18, 2017 - 11:44pm

The crown may be unable to lock due to a broken Sautoir, or Setting lever spring/bridge. This is very common.

Looking like an Ambassador with a plainer dial?

Still looking......

Club 5000Panel Member
Posted November 19, 2017 - 2:03am

Same 'unknown' model as was added not long ago. 

This is one those elusive late 1920s, early 1930s models that has a lot in common with a number of other models, but in itself hasn't yet been ID'd. 

Geoff Baker
Club 5000Panel Member
Posted November 19, 2017 - 7:35am

Looks to be in nice condition, I agree that is the crown is a likely replacement. "F" between the lugs signifies (gold) Filled. 

I wish we could find an advert for this model, we have several examples in the dB. Unknown