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Bulova 1946 Seabee

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53 63270

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Hello All,

Update on this watch. I have taken it to a watch maker. he said its a wartime vintage with original case. I have added pics of the case and movement. Crown has been and crystal has been replaced at some point in its lifetime

movement 10bcc

case ser# show 53 then 63270 under it

once again any help identifying it would be awsome.

Thanks again for looking


Not For Sale
kenfe 1946 Bulova 12 12 2014.jpg
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Panel Member
Posted December 8, 2014 - 9:14pm

The lack of caseback markings would indicate it's been re-cased. Dial looks like a WaterTight. More info from the movement and inside of the caseback is needed for anyone to comment or investigate this watch any further.

timerestoration's picture
Posted December 9, 2014 - 1:53pm

I have 2 of these...No markings on back, BULOVA Signature inside of case. 1949 and All Bulova.

Club 5000Panel Member
Posted December 8, 2014 - 11:04pm


Keen please see the instructions for adding additional photos of your watch so that the panel has all the relevant information needed to provide you with a model ID.

Posted December 9, 2014 - 8:47am

I will be taking the watch to the Jewler today and I will get some more pics of the movement the inside back. Hopefully there will be some markings on it to help Id.


bobbee's picture
Posted December 9, 2014 - 3:49pm

1953 Seabee.

Reverend Rob's picture
Reverend Rob
Panel Member
Posted December 9, 2014 - 3:52pm

I'm with Bob on the 1953, but the 49 on the movt makes me think it's an older one (1949) in a newer case. 

Geoff Baker
Club 5000Panel Member
Posted December 10, 2014 - 8:36am

Hmmm, this is tricky, I agree with Jeff, all Bulova. I'm a little tentative on both a Seabee ID and the year dating. I'm backpedaling on my earlier Seabee ID. I looked at the 51-55 ads and this is the only Seabee I find, I don't think it matches, the lugs seem very different:

At this point I'm back to Unknown for this one.

Nice watches Ken, a good start to your collection I'd say.

bobbee's picture
Posted December 10, 2014 - 4:32pm

Just wondering where the 1949 for the movement date comes from. I can't see the date, even when zoomed in.

Posted December 11, 2014 - 12:25pm

Sorry for the quality of pic I will try to get a better picture tonight with the SLR. and its not 49 like Reverend Rob said on the movement its a 46 I could not find any other symbols on it. 

Thank for the help. I am impressed with all the knowledge of everyone here.


bobbee's picture
Posted December 11, 2014 - 12:47pm

A search of the newspaper ads got this matching July 1954 advert. If one checks Watertite and Seabee examples in db, we see these cases have a two number date in some. I have one myself.