Bulova 1959 Storm King

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1959 Bulova Strom King watch
1959 Bulova watch
1959 Bulova watch
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Posted December 9, 2015 - 10:40pm

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Looks like you have a Storm King, and a nice example; I would also give it the 'A' variant for the white dial, based on this 1962 ad:

The 1958 pricelist does not have model 11223, but the 1961 pricelist does and at the $49.50 price, so we could assume this model came out after 1958; that pricelist also shows the 11224 'B' variant as having a black dial. There was another Storm King A variant, but different design and model number -279, and different price at $39.75.

Can you verify what the movement datestamp is?

1959 Storm King 'A' - date pending verification of the movement datestamp


Posted December 10, 2015 - 12:21am

Storm King A

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William Smith
Posted December 10, 2015 - 2:18am

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Nice watch and good add sloothing.  I'm good w/ Storm King variant "A".

Posted December 10, 2015 - 4:20am

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Geoff Baker
Posted December 10, 2015 - 9:15am

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Welcome to myBulova Peter. It's kind of a big deal, at least to me, when someone brings us a watch we haven't seen before. This is going to be the first of it's name, Storm King. Looks to be in very nice condition as well. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

Storm King - and a tip of my hat to Mr Anderson for finding that advert - I'm going to be calling him the "ID King" for a while!

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Reverend Rob
Posted December 10, 2015 - 7:13pm

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Storm King A works for me.

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peter smith
Posted December 11, 2015 - 1:00am

Wow - that was fast identifying - thanks everybody. There is L9 on the movement.


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peter smith
Posted December 11, 2015 - 1:17am

I just uploaded a photo of datestamp on movement.