Bulova 1970 Sea King

Submitted by JimDon5822 on March 6, 2020 - 11:43pm
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This a very interesting watch.  It is a 1970 Sea King that has a modified dial with the hour markers replaced with (19)71 Kansas Relays.  It has a N0 date code on both the 17J 11BLC movement and case back.   I believe the was a Bulova factory modification and was presented to winners of the events.  The 1971 Kansas Relays had the distinction of Bruce Jenner winning the gold medal in the decathlon.  Not sure who won it but glad to have it.

1970 Sea King (Custom Dial Variant)

1970 Sea King
1970 Sea King
1970 Sea King
1970 Sea King
Posted March 11, 2020 - 12:11pm

The Sea King 'E' looks to be a match, hard to say for sure with the non-std dial, but the case design matches.

Posted March 11, 2020 - 2:14pm

Very cool. I see one like this with indices spelling out something every once in a while. They usually seem to be spelling a product name. I agree with you it quite likely came out of Bulova as seen as a special order. It probably did start out as a Sea King "E" and is in my opinion pretty special when accompanied by your research.

1970 Sea King "E" noting custom face, or generic 1970 Sea King.

Geoff Baker
Posted March 11, 2020 - 9:48pm

I suggest leaving the variant off this on because of the custom dial. 1970 Bulova Sea King