Bulova 1944 Military Issue

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This watch belonged to my father, who died in 1996.  He usually just referred to it as "his army watch" that he had during WWII.  He was company commander (Captain), Company C, 116th Infantry, 1st Battalion, 29th Division and landed on Omaha Beach (as Exec. Officer), participated in the Battle of the Bulge, and the push into Germany. 

Members of myBulova helped me identify it as a 1944 Military modek, 10 AK movement, type OF.  It looks very much like the 1943 Military Issue, Type AK on the website, BUT the hands are differrent.

Many thanks to myBulova for helping me with the identification


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1943 Bulova watch
1944 Bulova watch
1944 Bulova watch
1944 Bulova watch
1944 Bulova watch
Posted November 5, 2015 - 10:27am

Did not even see/notice that little "O"!  Thank you for identifying the watch.

Also thanks for the link. There are a number of sites on the 29th.   FYI Because the 29th was based on combining the National Guard units of PA, MD and VA (hence the name "the Blue and Gray") there is a also a lot of info on the sites of those National Guards.  The 116th was also known as the "Stonewall Brigade".  Most of the soldiers in my father's battalion were from Virginia.  A few years ago, someone  transcribed and input into Excel all the "Morning Reports" for all the 29th Division units, so I can trace my father's actions throughout the war.  He is also listed in the company narrative on the plaque at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA.; he led the first assault team from the beach into, and liberating, Vierville-sur-Mer.

Again, thank you.