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Year codes

Submitted by J.Stephenson on October 13, 2023 - 11:40pm

I have two Bulova Acutrons day/date up/down watches. Both have M9 date codes on the case back, yet both movements are date-coded N0. Is there any info on why this may have happened, or is this a common occurrence for early-made N0 movements? Or is this a weird coincidence?

The Vintage Accutron

Submitted by JEV1A on May 18, 2023 - 12:49am

The Vintage Accutron

       "I feel now after a decade of vintage timepiece restoration and service on Accutron's, I can finally put to rest some of the crazy rumors and fallacies about these wonderful timepieces." I'm sure you have noticed the new swiss Bulova's with the Accutron logo. There is very little in common with a 214 and 218 Tuning Fork Movements. Bulova has opted for more a conventional and modern manual or automatic movement and their new Tuning Fork movements is a refined more modern approach to vintage Accutron's.