Bulova 1968 Pocket Watch

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M7 Y537598
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 This pocket watch was my father's retirement gift in 1969.  The watch runs and is engraved on the back cover. Inside back cover is ink stamped 2-7 2775 Use only genuine accutron cell marked w-4 install with yellow seal towards case back (w-4 toward dial) This watch is a true tuning fork as it was made in the first time frame. Later ones are hybrids using Quartz Crystals to activate the tuning forks.  Since I first posted this I have found out that Bulova of New York contracted with a New Jersey Co. to supply movements, fabrication, cases, and engraving while the other company did all the advertising,ordering and shipping. I saw a old sales catalogue showing how to order it. The New Jersey co. did not have any records so that is as far as I can get. These were special ordered from New Jersey as part of an Employee award by his Employer in 1968-9.This is the company's current web address  http://www.allamericanemployeeawards.com/page/45030. Since my original post this watch has consistently kept percise time until battery wears down. I am replacing the battery using an Accu-cell #1 and getting about 11 months from each battery.  If you have one please post infomation to me as I am still curious if there were a lot of them made. I believe they were sold as part of the Executive Collection it is similar to the Ashton. I have seen 2 more like it 1 made in 1969 the other in 1978. They were up for auction. Images 3&4 show these other watches.


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Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
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