Bulova 1928 Franklin

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A rather RARE BULOVA "unknown" Model, Circa 1928. (Patented: 1.28.27) All original Art Deco styled white gold filled case with elegant Greek Key black enameled bezel details, in excellent overall condition. Just (luminous) redialed, as original. Also completely serviced and calibrated by a master watchmaker with 35+ years experience. Sporting a new glass crystal and black Spidel lizzard strap!


This is probably about the most handsome 20's Bulova I've seen yet in person, except perhaps the Lone Eagle No. 1... However this watch is almost certainly much RARER... as it's only the second one I've EVER SEEN! 




My Best :-)  Scott

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Bulova watch
1928 Bulova watch
1928 Bulova watch
1928 Bulova watch
1928 Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
FifthAvenueRestorations's picture
Posted April 6, 2011 - 9:19pm

Could be way off base but the L.E. and CONQUEROR (? *) are accounted for and it's not a Ladies model, has anyone seen a 'TREASURER' pre - 1930?

*case enamel detail is in the same location as the cut corner Conqueror prior to the L.E.

WatchCrystals.net's picture
Posted May 26, 2011 - 8:28am

Thus far, it's most likely a Treasurer... that anything else!? LOL... I just reSOLD it to collector Greg, in Sydney, Australia... So now Lisa and Greg each have one... Anyone seen a 3RD one, to date!?! 


Best :-)  Scott

vintagebulova.com's picture
Posted May 26, 2011 - 8:55pm

Club 5000

I've sold a couple of these over the years and have a couple more in stock.  There is one very similar to it with a little more intricate enamelling.  That one I have only seen two of.  I'll post a picture when I get the chance.




WatchCrystals.net's picture
Posted May 26, 2011 - 11:49pm

 Hey Jay,


GREAT! I love these "emameled dial" stylizations... And Art Deco has ALWAYS been my favorite art, archtecture and design period, from the (semi) moderne age...


BEST :-)  Scott



Wayne Hanley's picture
Wayne Hanley
Posted August 11, 2011 - 11:47am


I have one. I'm not logging it in until I receive it. Seems like whenever I get something rare they start coming out of the junk drawers.


shooter144's picture
Posted August 11, 2011 - 12:55pm

Thats my kind of junk !!

Geoff Baker
Posted August 11, 2011 - 8:49pm

Club 5000Panel Member

 Imagine THAT - I seem to have one too. Will post......someday.


Posted October 1, 2012 - 8:05am

Hello.  I'm new to this forum and I'm really enjoying all the great Bulova information.  I also own this "unknown" 1928 Bulova.  I am trying to locate a crystal for mine and saw in this post by Scott that he replaced the crystal on his watch.  Can anyone please tell me what crystal is used for this model.  I have measusred the bezel and have come up with a possible match using a MS 525 from GS.  It measures 21.8mm square.  Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks, Paul 


William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted October 1, 2012 - 1:06pm

Club 5000Panel Member

HI Paul  Hope you can enter your watch in the "add a watch" database.  Then you can refer to the record in your crystal search. These are great "unknowns", but we'll find an ad and a name eventually :)  Thanks

DarHin's picture
Posted October 1, 2012 - 3:42pm

Paul, even though the crystal dimensions are the same the GS MS525 is a "military" style crystal which means that the bottom of the crystal is bent or curved to match the countour of the watch case/bezel. Scott's watch in this record takes a regular type crystal which is flat on the bottom. The M in any GS brand crystal part # denotes a military style crystal. For a regular GS square crystal the part # would be Sxxx or CSxxx.

As Will suggest's, please enter your watch in the database.

I will send you a PM to discuss your crystal further.