Swiss Made Accutron 214 Calibre Numbering System Change

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At some point Bulova Accutron 214 movement got a Calibre Numbering System Change as follows Accutron 214 = 2140, Accutron 214H = 2141, Accutron 214HN = 2142 And a forth Calibre 2143 was added, Although I've never seen a 2140 movement because the Swiss never made a 214 without a hack spring...

Here is one of the Swiss made Accutron 2141 movements I just recently acquired, It's an N6...

Excellency Presentation Box

Hello ! New to the forum!! Just acquired an Excellency "DD" without it's original box and wondered if anyone knows the correct presentation box it would have come in. Would like to start looking for one. Have seen some marked "Excellency" but are not sure if they are ladies only  boxes or if they came as a unisex model - or- if the men's even had  a specific one or if they came in the general "Bulova Fifth Avenue New York" that is common.  By the way - love the website and thank all of you in advance for any information!!

Bulova Accutron 214 High Rez Desktops

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For anyone interested here are some Accuton 214 high rez desktop...

Cases for Ladies watches

Did Bulova use other companies watch cases in the 20's besides: Bulova and American Standard?

Bulova Chronomat?

Hello everyone and thank you for approving my account request.

I am here looking for knowledge regarding a Bulova time piece i acquired.
It has a 7750 movement and the case looks very much like Breitling Chronomat.
I know nothing about it except the movement. Pictures below.

Any info would be appreciated.

WTB Bulova stopwatch

If anyone has any Bulova stopwatches that they are open to selling, please let me know, I am very interested in acquiring some.  

60s Astronaut X-15 Strap

Hi everyone, 

I lost where I posted this in a thread about an early Astronaut, so I thought I'd ask again. 

Has anyone a good picture or seen a real-life example of the 17" Bulova X-15 pilot strap? (Would it be on display in any museum?)

I've seen a few pics here on the forum, but none that are very detailed. 




The Bulova Academy Award Series

Bulova Academy Award 1950-1951

We've all seen the glamourous watches that have come out of the Bulova Academy Award Series indivudually, but I don't know if we've seen all the them together and have seen some of the history on how they were marketed as well as their demise.

Just using newspaper articles I'll share what information I've learned.

Crystal for 1941 Bulova Senator

I am attempting to source a crystal for my 1941 Senator. Perhaps this is a straight forward process; however, I've been unable to the identify the specific numbers for this and would be most interested in a NOS. My Senator is entered in the database:

Thanks for any assistance.

Bulova American Eagle

The 1938-1940-ish American Eagle variants:

A & C