What watch goes with this box?

I found this amazingly preserved watch box couple weeks ago. I can't seem to find what watch goes with it though.... Any help is greatly appreciated! Hopefully someone can help out, thanks.

1958 His Excellency 10k RGP vs 14k gold cases

Hey all,


I've been on the forum for a long time, but rarely post. I collect and restore Bulovas; I've got dozens of models around and about. After my third '58 His Excellency acquisition I noticed what may be a clear identifier between the 10k RGP and 14k gold models.

Here are model's 'E' and 'D', respectively, with their 10k RGP cases:

4 AF Working Movement

Some time ago Reverend Bob wrote ...

4AE,  4AF,  4AH, 4AN, 4AS,  4AW, and 4FL are interchangeable. Based on the FHF ebauche:

FHF 52, some with Breguet overcoil. 

.... I have a Platinum 38 Diamond case in need of a working Bulova movement. Old (no name) movement measures 21 x 9 mm. I think the eubache for the 4 series movements above would work.

Thanks  Ken S


1974 Bulova Accutron models

I am trying to figure out when was the first accutron pocket watch with a hunter (closed) case.  I know that the model, which survived into the quartz era, was being sold by 1975.  Was it (or any other similar models) sold before 1975?

1968 Oceanographer H



Can anyone tell me what sort of bracelet would have originally been on an Oceanographer H?


I'm looking for a reputable place to have it serviced as well.  Any help would be appreciated!



Crystal for 1965 Oceanographer H

Hi all, 

I'm looking for a replacement crystal for a 1965 Oceanographer H. I don't know the parts number and haven't been able to find an interchangeability catalog later than 1963. Any help appreciated.



11BLC Split Stem

Looking for a split stem assembly for an 11BLC movement as you can see from this photo it is pretty oxidized and there is a lot of play in the stem.

1963 Sea King Crown?

I purchased this Bulova recently and took it in for a cleaning. They replaced the crown but I think they popped on a generic one. I have seen new old stock crowns available online. Does anyone know the correct size of crown or better yet the part or stock number?

Interesting case

Anyone every seen this case before , have not found anything even close to it anywhere. From what I can find I think it was made in the 70's


Bulova 23 Watch Back

I found this Bulova 23 that I want to restore, but I am concerned about the back. All the similar Bulova's we have on our website show a normal style backing for Bulova. As you can see from the picture it is quite different, any ideas?