Bulova watch Model, Physician ?

I recently found what I think is a rather rare Bulova men's watch .i searched around this community and it is called a physician. There was one posted here in about 2011. It is a gold filled case and has a 7 ac caliber  movement and happily it is running strong and keeping rather nicetime. I tried to find an additional verification to back up what I read her but was unable to locate it in cooksey shuggarts watch guide. It has gold coloured hands for hour and minute and a matching gold hand for the centre seconds.

Rare Bulova Factory Accutron 214 Flat/White 24 Hour Dial !

This is a first for me, A Accutron 214 white face with black markers, It looks to be for one of "Bulova Timer Labs" Accutron 214 panel clocks! The ebay seller also has the same kind of dial but the standard black face with white marks and they are 12 hour dials!

Not a bad snag fellas.....


Bracelet alone is worth 2x the BIN price I think.....

Advice requested: Date not advancing.


I’m new to the group, but have been using the website for a while.  This is a great resource.  I’ve got a few Bulova watches that I need to get listed.

But I have a question and could use some advice.

Looking for specific Hadley Expansion

So yeah I know this is a long shot brothers and sistah's.... but I've been looking for the last few years for this specific expansion band from Hadley.   They made it around 1953... take a look and recall if you've seen one or have one!  I'll snag it off you...

1953 Hadley Expansion Bracelet

New Bulova Ads?

Maybe old news but I hadn't looked to see if I could find old Bulova ad's via online newspaper archives and I saw this!!!


The Library of Congress online now!  Check it out... some pretty nice high quality ads.


Can't open case back

Hi All

I'm new to this forum.  I have a 1971 Sea King (this one http://www.mybulova.com/watches/1970-sea-king-2157).  I can't open the case back.  The pic below shows the groove to be a bit chewed up.  I've tried a Horotec case knife and a box opener (thinner blade).  But it won't open.  Any suggestions.

Thank you



Bulova watch booklet

Hi all 

I have a bulova booklet which shows the breakdown of manual watches it is approx 4 inches x 4,5 inches in size each page shows a picture of the various stages of dismantement of the movement.

I dont know the actual age of this booklet,but it states it was issued in 1946 on the back page.

The pictures are on cellophane pages which overlay the watch movement.I'

New Model called Yacht Club from 1932 Ad

I just submitted this ad to the Admin.  It is from a 2/5/32 Santa Cruz (Calif) newspaper.  From what I can see Yacht  Club looks like a new model name as there is no reference to one when I search this site.  Sorry I am new so don't know if this is really correct.  I also noticed an Unknown 1931 model that matches this closely.  I hope it is true and that i was able to contribute to identifiying this unknown.  Regards....Jim

Bulova Accutron Key Coin Flea Market Find and Question on its History

I was at the flea market on Sunday searching a big pile of junk jewelry and watches.  Found a bunch of watch bracelets including an original vintage Casio and Seiko plus several gold topped 40's-50's pieces in decent shape and a ladies Helbros with bracelet.    I also did find what I was later to learn is a Bulova Accutron Key Coin.   Got the whole lot for $6.   Coincidentally I was wearing my 1964 Spaceview.  How appropriate.  The picture is not mine but mine is just like this.  I know they were included in the boxes on early watche